Our Story

“We simply want guests to enjoy the spirit of nature, the pure luxuries of life and the utmost in hospitality – in beautiful Central Alberta, no less!”

Larry and I delight in surprising people with our gem. The idea started when we decided to develop a business that would allow us to share our lives with others, live and work in a beautiful country location, and use our skills and talents to do what we love to do. In my case, I was anxious to create luxurious accommodations and getaway experiences that matched some of those I enjoyed on our travels to lovely inns around North America.

For Larry, he relishes in tramping through forests, fields and the outdoors, and nourishing beautiful gardens like he did growing up on his family farm in Saskatchewan. It was a very strategic endeavour though. We were answering that age old question many of us ask ourselves at the peak of our careers and our lives; “OK, what’s next? What do I want to do with the rest of my life?”

Innkeeping never dawned on either of us earlier in our careers but when the idea struck we somehow knew it was a fit for us and the best way to achieve our goals. We gave ourselves a few years to find the property, develop our concept and transition out of our comfortable lives in Calgary.

We knew we finally found the perfect location in 2006 when we drove down the property’s long winding tree lined driveway, and discovered a lovely, private oasis, surrounded by all the natural beauty we envisioned. I use these words with a smile because it certainly didn’t look at all like an oasis when we first bought the property. It took a few years of hard work and determination to transform it into what it is today.

The development of The Prairie Creek Inn happened in in four stages, beginning with the construction of the Creekside Cottage in 2005. In 2006 the barn was transformed into the Coach House which includes The Explorers, The Stables and The Loft Suites. In 2010 the Main Inn and Restaurant were built and in 2012 the Fireside Cottage and 2 Treehouse Suites were built.

We have always loved to be inspired, to think big thoughts, to see and do what others think is impossible.

As usual, the development morphed from our original plans but we followed the golden rule of any entrepreneurial venture: we started with what we had, expended our full attention, energy and passion on it and didn’t give up! We believe our guests can now sense this passion when they stay at The Prairie Creek Inn.

So, the Prairie Creek Inn’s story is one of pure entrepreneurship. We have always loved to be inspired, to think big thoughts, to see and do what others think is impossible.  We have now created a special place where people can stop and see who they really are, get closer to their dreams and be inspired to achieve their own passions in life – whether as individuals, as couples or as groups.

That is why we continually relish in surprising people with our Inn. We proved it was possible to break all the rules, develop one of Canada’s leading romantic getaway destinations in the middle of nowhere and attract a growing clientele of raving fans that keep coming back year after year.

We are all influenced by our environments, many of which are distractions to realizing our true potential. It is when we step away from the constant chatter and stresses of life and immerse ourselves in nature and things of beauty that the magic happens.

We have been pleased to make the extra effort to create that magical environment for our guests. Many don’t even know what is happening. They just know they’re feeling good here at The Prairie Creek Inn. They leave excited about their lives and future possibilities and look forward to the day they can come back to experience more.

This is what The Prairie Creek Inn is all about.

Terri Cameron
Owner, Visionary